Take a look at Black Desert Online’s Dark Knight in action

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So, what do we know about Black Desert Online‘s Dark Knight so far? After the initial reveal we know that she exists, she’s got a big sword, and she left her armor at the laundromat so she has to walk into battle in an old Madonna stage costume. But how does she actually play? The latest trailer from the game shows off her gameplay, and it’s probably what you’d expect based on the aforementioned information.

Many to most of her attacks focus on wide-area slashes with her sword, with what appear to be status debuffs and some teleporting battle moves mixed into the bunch. She can also unleash plenty of exploding dark destruction when she needs to clear out large groups quickly. Check out the video just below; if you like slashing your way through huge hordes of enemies with aplomb, it does seem like the sort of class you’ll probably enjoy.

Source: YouTube via Steparu. Cheers, Leiloni!
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