Datamining hints at new content coming to Star Trek Online

I want to go back (go back)
So what’s next for Star Trek Online? Intrepid dataminers have been poking around in the game’s files since the last patch and found a couple of things that point in interesting directions. For example, players have found that the right configuration of style pieces will make window lights pop up on an “invisible” hull on the new NX model, pointing in the direction of the refit NX design that would feature an underslung engineering hull akin to the original Constitution-class Enterprise.

Players have also found expanded sector maps that point to familiar spots within the universe, if not from the game; the sector maps correspond with worlds like Feringar and other sectors of space that have not yet been explored within the game. A hint about the next destination for the game? Possibly, or possibly just early prototypes that were never intended for release. There’s no way to be certain, but there is plenty of room for player speculation.

Source: Sector Maps, NX Model; thanks to nonameplease for the tip!