Guild Wars 2’s Wintersday also features some hidden activities

Call a spade a spade.
Enjoying the Guild Wars 2 Wintersday festivities? Have you already seen all that’s on offer? That’s quite the accomplishment, seeing as how it’s only been up for a day… but it also might not be accurate because there are some hidden activities tucked away for this year’s Wintersday. For example, you get to fill your home instance with cats. Even more cats than normal if you’re a Charr.

Said cat-filling requires you to locate some frozen felines and bring them piping hot soup, which will helpfully thaw the cats and lead them back to your home to meow around while presumably kneading you randomly for no reason. You can also pick up some open letters for extra achievement points, although you’ll need to have finished part of the most recent Living Story updates to get that. So there’s still more to see, even if you think you’ve already seen anything; it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Source: Frozen cats, Open letters; thanks to anon for the tip!

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