Neverwinter’s Winter Festival arrives through January 5

Well, that’s it; Neverwinter is officially a game of lies now. Why? Because if the game is called “Neverwinter” with an eponymous city as the central location, how can it have a Winter Festival? Lies and conspiracies, that’s the only explanation. You should probably stand in the middle of the city and complain.

Of course, the alternative is celebrating the holidays by actually taking part in the Winter Festival, which features a sled race, ice fishing, and some monsters to beat back. You can also pick up some item packs in the in-game store, and naturally the Winter Festival has prizes of its own. But it seems like a much better use of your time to protest the presence of winter and poor urban nomenclature. The event kicks off today and lasts through January 5th, so you’ll have plenty of time.

There’s also a small patch out that makes some minor balance tweaks and offers Oathbound Paladins a free respec token, but that’s impossible to frame as part of an elaborate conspiracy theory. Unless, of course, that’s what they want you to think.


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