Shadow’s Kiss gives backers a sneak peek into this vampire MMO


If you’ve been getting tired of online games that keep denying you the pleasure of consuming your victim’s bodily fluids and playing around with dead things, then Shadow’s Kiss would like to lure you into a dark alleyway and whisper in your ear curdling delights.

This title is attempting to step into the void left unfilled by the now-cancelled World of Darkness by creating an MMO in which players can be the nasty little vampires they always wanted to be. With necromancy, territory control, lairs, and something called “blood dolls,” Shadow’s Kiss obviously relishes its dark supernatural setting.

Right now the title is in pre-alpha, although that doesn’t mean it’s denied to us mere mortals. In fact, you can straight-up purchase pre-alpha access right now from the game’s store to test the game, which its game director calls “both exciting and terrifying.” Shadow’s Kiss looks to be funded partially through Patreon and store sales.

One thing’s for sure: No matter how development on this game progresses, Shadow’s Kiss is really going to [puts on sunglasses] suck big-time.



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