City of Titans looks at the Five Dragons gang


Superhero games aren’t much fun without villains to beat up, and in a superhero MMO, there needs to be a lot of those. City of Titans dished out some information on one of its gangs yesterday, the Five Dragons.

According to the post, the Five Dragons are a low-level gang with “Far-Eastern flair and reliance on magic.” They’re mostly into non-supervillain crime, although that doesn’t make their guns or spells any less deadly. Their presence is strongest in Lotus Hills, which the group mostly controls.

“Members of the Five Dragons can be divided, roughly, into two groups,” this week’s dev blog explained. “The lower ranks consist of a mass of lower-ranking, unpowered members armed with guns, knives, and sometimes rudimentary martial arts skills. More experienced members often display considerable supernatural power.”

Source: City of Titans. Thanks MagmaFist!

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