Take a look back at the end of Star Wars Galaxies

No, saying that you don't care is not actually an answer.

There’s a new Star Wars movie out now; you may have heard about it. Heck, you might have gone to see it already. But even if you’re holding off for a little while longer, you can watch a different Star Wars film right now if you’d like; it’s a 40-minute retrospective on the death of Star Wars Galaxies by YouTube user NerdSlayer, just in time for the fifth anniversary of its sunset. It’s comprehensive, too, going back to the game as it existed at launch up to its eventual shutdown.

Is this going to be the video that makes you suddenly turn around and realize that the game died due to secret Illuminati plotting? No. In fact, if you’re a SWG fan, it’s probably just going to give you a trip down memory lane and possibly motivate you to fire up an emulator. But hey, it’s the season for warm feelings, right? Why not take a trip down memory lane just the same?