The Daily Grind: Which MMORPG boasts the best visual appeal as of 2016?

Beta than Ezrer.

Today’s Daily Grind is inspired by two things: a longtime commenter, Agemyth, who proposed the topic, and the eastern version of Devilian, which raised eyebrows hereabouts for winning “Beautiful Game of the Year” award at Google Play’s Best of 2016 Korea event.

Video game graphics are subjective. I get that. Where some people aren’t satisfied until games are hyperrealistic, others require fanciful and dreamlike artistic rendering and still others can look at a cutesy retro game and squee. Some people juggle geese.

Graphics also dependent on memory — your own. I logged into classic Guild Wars the other day to snap a screenshot for one of Justin’s articles, and while the game has held up well for its age, it’s nowhere near as glorious as my memory maintains.

So let’s duke it out. If you were going to give out an award for best visual appeal in an MMORPG, new or old, as long as it’s live — which game would walk home with the prize?

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