Ultima Online has combat changes and pet upgrades in the works


Forget Dasher and Blitzen; Ultima Online has a beautiful unicorn called Lasher coming in January as the game’s first vanity mount. Worried that it won’t make sense to plop a rainbow death-horse in the middle of this intricately crafted fantasy setting? The team promises that there will be some lore coming so that this makes sense.

Ultima Online’s December newsletter lists several of the projects that the team is working on when not indulging in their Lisa Frank daydreams. Combat changes, more housing tiles, a pet revamp, and upgrades to Doom artifacts are all on the way in the next two publishes.

The combat changes are currently on the test server, and the team is looking for feedback on them: “This process has been different than our normal testing cycle and we appreciate all who have participated. These changes will not be deployed worldwide for quite some time and are subject to change. We have used this process to gauge player suggestions and iterate quickly on those ideas. Some ideas have been well received while others have not.”

Source: Newsletter

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