ArcheAge issues get better by the hour, warns against chargebacks


It’s been a trying week for ArcheAge, and while the game isn’t quite out of the woods yet following its shaky launch of Revelation, Trion Worlds reported that it is making progress even as issues such as disconnects and players unable to log in are still persisting.

Today’s state of the game post continues to deliver the community updates on what the team is doing. Keeping the servers stable, reducing unwanted disconnects, and speeding up the login process are a priority, and a patch is being prepped to tackle some of the nastier bugs that players have reported.

Character transfers are still offline, and the start of the winter festival has been pushed to December 21st. The team also said that CMs from Trion’s other titles are being recruited to help deliver regular information to the community and that a compensation gift is in the works.

Trion Worlds also warned players against taking punitive measures with their credit card company: “While players may submit a ticket to CS in order to request a refund, chargebacks are a completely different matter. It is important to know that because chargebacks involve credit card regulations, it requires us to close the account permanently — this is because chargebacks are used only for fraud cases, i.e. stolen cc information.”

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