Ashes of Creation’s art will tell a story


To focus more on building a game and not wrestling with tools, the Ashes of Creation team has been working with the Unreal Engine 4 as it shaped the upcoming MMO over the past nine months. In a dev blog on the engine’s site, Intrepid Studios explains that it is putting great effort into making art and lighting that tells a story and transports players into a fantastical setting.

The team gave a preview of an early level dungeon, the water temple, as an example of its approach to visual design. “It follows a lot of our design philosophy, in that we want the environments of our dungeons to be characters in and of themselves, not simply backdrops upon which the players play. We spent a lot of effort to make sure the temple tells a story, through both art and design. We want every column, every statue, every mural, every creature here to help us tell a tale that relates to the world and its history.”

Get a look at the art and setting of Ashes of Creation’s water temple (real name to be revealed later) after the jump!

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