The Daily Grind: What character creators in MMORPGs frustrate you to no end?

We're throwing this party real low-key, right?

The problem I have with the character creator in The Elder Scrolls Online is not that it lacks power; it’s got that. My problem is that there seems to be little to no way to actually create a character that looks, well, normal. I’ve got tons of sliders to manage, but no matter how much careful massaging I do, there’s a vaguely corpse-like look hanging around characters, like the uncanny valley of unattractiveness.

It’s not alone in that regard, though; both Blade & Soul and Revelation Online offered quite powerful character creators that did not seem well suited to my goals of making a reasonably good-looking character who also looked like a human being. Sometimes I find myself actually preferring slightly weaker creators like Final Fantasy XIV for just that reason; at least I’m not fighting with the game to make a character that I’m reasonably happy with.

Of course, there are lots of creators that have problems, now or in the past; I can’t forget about World of Warcraft’s anemic option list, or the bizarre mask-faces and flipper hands of City of Heroes, or the rather severe body type differences in Star Wars: The Old Republic. So what about you? What character creators in MMORPGs frustrate you to no end?

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