Albion Online discusses reworking the shape of the world

Swings and roundabouts!

It’s a known fact now that Albion Online will remain in beta into 2017, but perhaps you’re not entirely clear on why that’s the case. The latest development video with game director Robin Henkys discusses one of the major areas that the development team is working on: Reworking the game’s world. While expanding the world after launch isn’t all that difficult (and is, in fact, something that is easy to speculate about), changing the shape of the world won’t be possible after launch, meaning that the team has to get this right pretty much right off the bat.

Henkys explains that the team is following three core principles for the world’s design. The world has to be a believable fantasy world, it has to be an eventful world where players can take part in a variety of activities, and it has to be strategic and support tactical thinking. Check out the video just past the break for more specific details and to understand how the game’s world is meant to fulfill each principle.

Source: YouTube
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