Lazarus gets a new website, wipes every hour


Keeping track of the latest development for Lazarus, the 2-D roguelike space shooter, is now easier, considering that the team has put up a new website for those loath to troll Steam for the most recent information.

Even though the persistent servers have been up for almost a month now, the game is still in a quasi-beta state. One sign of this is that the team is doing the big server reset every hour instead of every week for testing purposes.

One of the ideas that the team is working on is a variety of enemy mobs that aren’t mere cannon fodder: “We’re planning an enemy that sneaks around and gathers resources from the battlefield. The idea is the give players a target that might be more important than an aggressive AI, depending on their current objective […]¬†We’ve got some really cool ideas for about 15 more very different and challenging enemies. Without wanting to sound too high-falutin’, we’re aiming to fill out a really wide space of gameplay possibilities, with unique enemies whose behaviours overlap and interact in fun ways.”

Source: Lazarus

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