LOTRO expands North Ithilien offerings

Are you still reeling from the massive announcement earlier today about the new studio that will be handling Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online? So are we, but as there is a new patch to cover, we must forge on with the normal news as well.

A midsize update, Patch 19.2, came out today for LOTRO¬†and basically expanded on its North Ithilien zone while shoring up some of the area’s weak points. Seventeen new quests have been added, as well as an additional tier of essences and enough Hunter changes that Hunters are getting a full trait points reset.

The patch came with what we’re informally calling premium housing insurance: “Property writs are now given in refund for abandoned, foreclosed, or transferred premium housing. These writs are a voucher that will be used in the future to purchase a premium gouse in lieu of Mithril Coins, and are bound to account. The writs are expected to be available for use in 19.3 onwards. The refund value of the writ will be equal to the purchase during a server transfer, and will have a lesser value when used for abandoned or foreclosed homes.”

Over the past weekend, the LOTRO community held its three-day Winterfest concerts. If you missed them, you can catch up by watching the Twitch streams of each performance.


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