Ship of Heroes shows off screenshots of Apotheosis City

No, really, what is going on here.

Remember when you had a fever dream recently that there was another spiritual successor to City of Heroes in the works, only this one took place on a habitat spaceship, and you were now being legally adopted by a chupacabre? Well, that was real. The first part, anyway; the cupacabre thing is up for debate. Ship of Heroes is a real thing, and it’s showing off the screenshots of Apotheosis City, one of the first ports of call and look at how the game’s UE4 engine is working.

You can check out the sceenshots below; the pictures cover several iconic locations, although the official description is a bit light on firm details and more verbose regarding the technical side of things. Most of the textures are not in place, so the whole thing might look a little bare-bones, but cities inside spaceships aren’t built in a day.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Celestial for the tip!

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