Smed says Hero’s Song is ‘working through some things’


We’ve had several tips this week from players concerned about Hero’s Song. One, for example, suggested that several employees had left Pixelmage Games and noted that the testing and community staff had abruptly ceased interacting with the public at the beginning of December following the launch of a patch. Others floated the rumor that the game’s early access showing on Steam predicted the shutdown of the company.

While neither confirming nor denying the rumors, Pixelmage’s John Smedley did tell Reddit that money is an issue┬áin a post earlier this afternoon.

“Sorry for the lack of news or updates. To put it bluntly here part of being a startup means money is tight and funding is a major part of what we have to do as a startup. We’re working through some things and I appreciate your patience. Sorry for not being more transparent on this particular issue but the simple truth is sometimes there isn’t much that we can say. More info soon.”

We have reached out to Pixelmage for more information, but the studio does not currently have a statement it’s willing to share.

The game’s most recent non-hotfix update on December 1st was a fairly meaty one, improving game performance, adding dungeon scaling, adjusting player health, leveling NPCs, balancing classes, and implementing the new procedurally generated roads and trails system along with the point-of-interest encounter system, among dozens of other changes. The title has been in early access on Steam since November 7th; barring other considerations, it is expected to fully launch in March of next year.

Source: Steam, Reddit. Cheers, Fredelas.

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