Neverwinter’s Sea of Moving Ice lands on console January 17

Are you a console player staring longingly at Neverwinter’s Sea of Moving Ice update, which launched back in November for PC players? Sorry dudes and dudettes, but keep staring; you’re gonna be waiting a while longer — January 17th, to be exact. PWE announced the hard launch day this afternoon:

“In the northern reaches of Faerûn, the frost giants have seized control of the lands around Icewind Dale and threaten to freeze the entirety of the Realms. Adventurers on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are charged with reclaiming the region from this evil when the Sea of Moving Ice update releases for consoles on January 17, 2016. The update to Neverwinter: Storm King’s Thunder introduces several new features including an expansive adventure zone, nautical travel, an advanced fishing mini-game, new artifact weaponry, treasure hunting and an epic assault on the frost giant stronghold of Svardborg.”

Here’s that trailer to tide you over!

Source: Official site, press release

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