The Daily Grind: Does Daybreak’s involvement with LOTRO and DDO worry you?


Yesterday, we were all pretty astonished to learn that Turbine has spun out Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online — still no official word on Asheron’s Call 1 and 2, I’m afraid — to a new and independent studio that has picked up all of the rights and licenses associated with the game. But jaws didn’t really start hitting the floor until the revelation that Daybreak — yes, that Daybreak — would be picking up the flag to publish the game for the new indie studio. In fact, players logging in today are already being greeted with new Daybreak logos. No, not that one.

Our commenters expressed everything from horror to mild optimism over Daybreak’s involvement in particular, but I’m inclined to see it as a good thing for both companies: The MMORPGs get out from under the thumb of “mobile-games-or-bust” WB, and Daybreak gets a vote of confidence and a chance to redeem itself, having long since given up its old title as savior of small games. And I have to admit there’s something oddly satisfying in watching two of the genre’s oldest studios band together in solidarity. (I also can’t help but wish NCsoft had given Paragon this same chance!)

How are you feeling about the news, now that you’ve had a night to sleep on it? Does Daybreak’s involvement with LOTRO and DDO worry you?

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