Conan Exiles shows off its crafting and thrall systems


What are MMO NPCs good for, really? Usually they’re either part of the quest system, trainers or vendors, or targets for our sharp, pointy weapons. Conan Exiles is looking to expand on those interactions by allowing players to capture certain NPCs and drag them back into their camp to install them as thralls. Slaves. You’re capturing slaves.

The thrall system will be NPC-only during next year’s early access while Funcom figures out the best way to handle player thralls. In a new video, you can see the first display of the thrall system in the survival sandbox in addition to a tour around a player-created village, crafting, and combat.

Check out the making of a village and hear about all of these systems after the jump! The thrall capture action starts at the 42-minute mark.

Source: Conan Exiles. Cheers, Steve!