Dark Age of Camelot gives players many presents for the Midwinter Festival

Give me things.

Don’t worry, folks, Dark Age of Camelot is here with its Midwinter Festival, and it knows about the real spirit of the holidays: Getting things. All of that “giving” stuff is a load of hogwash. The real fun part is getting new stuff for free. So the Midwinter Festival doesn’t ask you to run anyone’s errands or the like; it’ll just give you stuff, one new thing every day from now until January 1st, and you’ll just enjoy it.

You can get a new gift each day, or you can catch up on days you missed, so whether you can manage a daily login schedule or have to take a day off along the way you’ll still be walking away with 12 presents. You can also check out a recap of all of the cool things that went into DAoC over the past year in a video just below, so that’s almost like a 13th present for the pile.


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