Overwatch introduces its first canon queer character with a holiday comic

Everyone knows the pain of struggling desperately to get that one last gift for someone you care about. Even if you’re Overwatch’s super-speedster Tracer, as demonstrated in a new official comic, you can still find yourself stuck low on time and desperately seeking that one perfect item. It’s a cute holiday comic to celebrate the season, and it’s chiefly meant to be cute… while also dropping something that’s at once a continuity bombshell and something that should be wholly irrelevant.

Said revelation of the game's first canonically queer character is hidden behind spoilers for those who would rather read the comic first. Click this line to reveal it.
The big reveal is that Tracer is looking for the present for her girlfriend, and it’s handled very nicely – the reveal is neither shocking nor ambiguous, just a casual detail that’s given no extra attention but still has a pretty big impact on the fandom.

The internet being what it is, reactions have ranged from people who are quite happy with the portrayal and enjoy talking about the reveal to actual internet blocks in countries like Russia due to “gay propaganda” lawsBlizzard has said for quite some time that it wants to have Overwatch be an inclusive game with a variety of different characters contained therein, and this is definitely a move in that direction. And it helps that the whole thing is adorable.

Source: Official Site, Kotaku; thanks to Siphaed for the tip!
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