Anarchy Online manufactures the winter holidays

That's not the problem.

Anarchy Online might be a tad tardy to the holiday party, but it’s making an effort. With the game’s December 20th patch, the Winter Celebration has officially returned for another year of merriment and decorations. Santa leets, run free!

The patch added a new membership reward item (the Staff of Cleansing, which sounds like a janitor’s mop all gussied up) and mostly focused on improvements to the item shop. There were price changes, new nano cans, more basic gear bundles, and additional lotto tickets. Funcom is making it so that now item shop purchases will be labeled “NoDrop” from here on out.

Our favorite patch note? “Updated the item shop icon to better resemble a shopping cart, instead of a fry basket.”

Source: Patch notes

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