Dual Universe team offers fans a development update before vacation

Holiday road.

If you were hoping for more Dual Universe news through the end of the year, the bad news is that it’s not happening. The development team is heading on vacation until January, which seems fair. But the team isn’t leaving fans without anything to enjoy over the last few days of 2016; a new development diary video is available just below, showing off all of the hard work that the team has put in to making the game a reality. You just won’t be hearing more about it until January.

The team is also opening up the game’s crowdfunding portal to allow Kickstarter backers the chance to update their pledges, albeit only for a limited time. The upgrade option is meant to be in place for only a few months, with a two-week notice before it closes for good, so you should take the opportunity to upgrade if you have some more money and want a bigger package. (Ahem.) Everyone else can just watch the video below and catch up come January.


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