Standing Stone says LOTRO license renewal is a ‘non-issue’

One gets the feeling that the Lord of the Rings Online devs are more than a little tired of hearing questions concerning the IP license for the fantasy MMO. Now that LOTRO has been moved over to Standing Stone, these questions are back and louder than ever. The studio has responded to the queries by saying that the license renewal is a “non-issue” from here on out.

As stated in the FAQ, the license has been renewed. Since this license is no different from every other IP license, and since it’s a standard piece of behind the scenes business, it is not something we are going to provide further specifics on. Suffice it to say, the license will continue to be a non-issue for the rest of the game’s life, and we expect to continue developing LOTRO for many, many years to come, with your support.

Yesterday we reported that Standing Stone is considering an avatar overhaul for the nearly 10-year-old title when the Mordor expansion arrives next year.


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