The Daily Grind: Do you do in-game gift exchanges in MMOs?


Well, the winter holidays are just about here, and that means giving the fit of games. Also, gifts that aren’t games. Some gifts that aren’t even related to games. But in the world of MMOs, we don’t need to keep our gift-giving purely in the physical realm; we can spend a whole lot of in-game money to buy something rare and valuable and give it to our friends in game.

Please note that if you’re doing this instead of getting said friend something in the real world when you really should be getting a real present, this is slightly less sweet.

Of course, some people I know prefer not to do this. Some people would argue that more recent games make this less useful or downright obsolete, and some people just don’t want much in game. Still, as I’m preparing for a Secret Santa event with one of my guilds, it’s clear that this tradition has not really stopped even if it’s less common at this point. What about you, dear readers? Do you do in-game gift exchanges in MMOs?

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