Zul’jin joins the cast of Heroes of the Storm

Yes, very good, that's a dingo.

As the Horde pushed north following the destruction of Stormwind, the Alliance dogged their forces and conspired to push them back. But the Horde found allies as well, starting with the Forest Trolls led by Zul’jin, a group that hated the High Elves and the humans enough to gladly ally with the Horde’s forces. It is that Zul’jin that is showing up in Heroes of the Storm as the newest hero in the game, rather than the half-blind one-armed maniac who later would show up as a raid boss. The years were not kind.

This version of Zul’jin happily dishes out damage with his twin axes, snaring and marking enemies or calling down massive axe strikes. He’s also difficult to kill, capable of regenerating health or even becoming briefly unkillable. So he’s an assassin, but he’s the kind that can take a beating without folding completely. Check out the full rundown if you’re looking forward to taking the original Troll allies of the Horde for a spin.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Michael for the tip!