Crowfall is testing out its item imports and exports between worlds

I mean, nothing is real.

The many worlds of Crowfall are built on a premise of risk and reward. The best materials are found in the most dangerous kill-or-be-killed worlds, and all items are crafted. To get the best materials, you have to go into danger. While the game’s current build features three kill-or-be-killed worlds with one safe zone, the game is adding the first version of its eventual import/export system, allowing players to transfer items between the various unique worlds using the Spirit Bank.

Items transferred from a character’s inventory to the Spirit Bank take a few minutes to transfer, presumably to prevent quickly unloading valuable materials before making a run for it. The changes will also make more of an impact over time as the game pushes to have a spectrum of game worlds with more or less dangerous PvP rules in each. It’s all in service to an active sense of risk and reward, however, so you’ll have to take on some danger if you want to get the best gear.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Leilonii for the tip!

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