A ‘new chapter’ is coming next year for Worlds Adrift


Mark their words: 2017 is due to be a major year for Worlds Adrift. Now that the alpha NDA is lifted, the ball is rolling faster toward early access, which should happen in the first quarter.

Bossa Studios listed all of its (impressive) achievements from the year past in a dizzying parade of mentions before going on to pump its fans up for what’s to come in the near future. The studio said that biomes with their own flora and fauna are coming next, along with objects that deteriorate and rust.

“That’s when a new chapter in the story will begin: During early access we’ll be kicking off a bunch of awesome features we’ve been hinting at for a while,” the developers wrote. “Regular content and feature updates will flesh the game out, expand the world, and make Worlds Adrift the full experience we have in our heads.”

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