Asheron’s Call players reach out to WB to save their MMO


Another player-led effort to save Asheron’s Call from termination is attempting to raise funds from the community to buy or license the game outright. A GoFundMe has been set up to accept donations from those who would like to see the MMO have a fighting chance of survival before its sunset at the end of January 2017.

The players said that sent WB a letter of intent last week: “We spoke with Warner Bros today, and we are looking to hear back from them Friday! We made a base offer just to get a ballpark […] All of the donations will be used for the purpose of lawyer fees and any other fees associated with the acquisition of the rights. We intend to return the game to the players as the first player-owned game.”

So far the campaign has raised $1,500 from a handful of fans. There is also a Facebook page tied to the effort. The team said that it had been coordinating efforts with the Save Asheron’s Call campaign, but both groups have since distanced themselves from each other due to disagreements.

Source: FacebookGoFundMe
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