Final Fantasy XIV previews patch 3.5 and the Heavesturm event

The new year is coming, and with it, the annual Final Fantasy XIV celebration of the new year. Yes, Heavensturm is arriving on Eorzean shores, and it promises players a new set of yearly themed kabuto helms. There’s also a doll and a new Orchestrion roll, for those who prefer other rewards.

Of course, the new year will also be bringing the first portion of patch 3.5 shortly after implementation, so it’s only suitable that the previews of the patch have continued coming fast and furious. There’s a system for glamouring your summoned egis! There’s the last fight against the Warring Triad! There’s cross-server partying! All sorts of fun things to look forward to.

And if you want to look forward to a little further along in the new year, there’s another expansion coming, with a whole lot of screenshots just below. So that’s also going to be fun.

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