Guardians of Ember puts the finishing touches on Act 3, says NA servers are still coming


While Guardians of Ember admits that it isn’t pulling out a holiday event this year for its players, the team said that there is a good reason for this as it has been going full-barrel on getting Act 3 out of the door.

The next major update for the early access title will contain over 10 new zones, 20 additional dungeons, and a level cap increase to 40. North American servers are still on the way with no ETA, and all testers can grab a free 30-day reindeer pet in their mail to help gather up loot.

“Any old bunch of devs can knock up some Christmas skins and all that jazz, but we wanted to give you guys something special. And that extra special little something… is… Act 3! Instead of working on an Xmas event with decorations and snow and trees and all that stuff, we have been focusing on finishing Act 3 these last couple of days to show how much we appreciate all your support and patience in the last couple of months,” the team reported.

The Demigod edition of the game is currently 15% off on Steam.

Source: Steam
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