The Daily Grind: What was the worst MMORPG trend of 2016?


Yesterday, we rolled out our award for the best new trend in the MMORPG industry this year. (Our writers picked content scaling, in case you missed the result!). While we didn’t want to give out another back-handed award for the worst trend, it was one of the awards proposed a few weeks back by some of our readers, including Agemyth, whose suggestion is the one I saw. Indeed, I suspect based on our comments that quite a few of you disagree with scaling and consider it a step back for the genre, while still others might point to a rise in lockboxes or the latest Kickstarter tricks or even a return to lazy RNG-based mechanics. I could probably fill a whole column with ranting, come to think of it!

But let’s hear your picks in this here Daily Grind.¬†What was the worst MMORPG trend of 2016?

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