PSA: Champions Online is running a hideout sale through January 1st

Fight me, coward.
Let’s face it, you are not the best hero in Champions Online. You try to do good, you really do, but your efforts at doing good are frequently hampered by what you call “unfortunate side-effects” and the media calls “massive, irresponsible collateral damage.” So perhaps it’s high time that you get your hero a secret base to hide in until the heat blows over from your latest act of “heroism.” You’re lucky that doing so will be a bit cheaper until the new year.

All Champions Online hideouts are 20% off until January 1st; unhelpfully, the official announcement as of this writing lists that as a Tuesday, but let’s assume that the site means Sunday. That’s cheap enough to put a hideout within the price range of more frugal hideout mavens, whether you want to buy a totally new hideout or just an additional hideout for the changing seasons. Just get in there before January 1st so you can resolve to start the new year without destroying any buildings you don’t want falling down.


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