Diablo anniversary fever spreads across Blizzard’s library

You know, it can really be your jong.

Did you know that it was 20 years ago this week that the original Diablo released? Well, if you’re playing any Blizzard game at all, you will be made well aware of this fact soon enough.

Blizzard is rolling out an anniversary celebration across its entire library, with special events and gifts inĀ Diablo III, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Overwatch, StarCraft II, and World of Warcraft.

Among the festivities include the recreation of the classic Diablo dungeon in Diablo III, a new challenger in Hearthstone’s Tavern Brawl, and Diablo III sprays in Overwatch. Blizzard also hinted at special encounters in World of Warcraft: “Strange things are afoot in the world of Azeroth as denizens of Sanctuary cross over into an unfamiliar world.”

Source: Diablo III
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