Hero’s Song wants you to take your money back


As Hero’s Song transitions into Hero’s Swan Song following this week’s announcement of the game and studio shutdown, John Smedley and Pixelmage Games are encouraging backers to take advantage of the open refund policy.

The studio said that it will start processing refunds early next week and give players their money back via check or PayPal. Due to Pixelmage shutting down, the studio would like backers to file sooner rather than later. The last date you will be able to do this is on March 31st, 2017.

John Smedley told fans not to be bashful and refuse the refund: “I’ve seen a lot of emails saying, ‘Keep my money, thank you for your hard work.’ You have no idea how good that makes us feel, but we actually feel the opposite. PLEASE TAKE YOUR MONEY BACK. We took your money in good faith and it is with that same good faith that we want to give it back to you.”

Source: Indiegogo

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