The Daily Grind: What tempts you into rolling a new MMO character?

This blurry picture is brought to you by the game not having an actual proper gallery to use, so thanks for that.

I’ve recently returned to Lord of the Rings Online (as have several friends, thanks to the new studio announcement) and found myself getting sorely tempted to roll up a new character. I have never had a max-level Hobbit, which seems like a great shame. So far I am holding off, due to just how large the game is and how long it would take to get an alt to where I am currently, but the temptation still remains.

What tempts you into rolling a new character in an MMO? Maybe you think of a neat character concept, get class envy, or simply want a shot of fresh experience in your play. Perhaps the devs wheedle you with a new class or race. Let’s commiserate together on our inability to just stick with one character and talk about what pulls us back to the creation screen again and again!

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