One Shots: The Christmas when no one showed up


If an MMO throws a Christmas party and no one shows up, who gets the presents? Will that eggnog ever get drunk? Are the decorations quiet and beautiful or deathly quiet and sad?

Adri’s screenshot from the classic Guild Wars made me think about how MMO holidays keep on trucking whether or not guests arrive to the party. For MMOs past their time, it’s almost like the game itself is keeping vigil for its cherished memories.

“Merry Christmas,” Adri said. “I visit this Guild Wars 1 Christmas tree every year. Just sitting next to it, listening to the in-game music, and thinking of times… just times.”


Robert shared this surreal experience from Life is Feudal: “One day I was just wandering around, enjoying my time on the beach, when everything changed. Suddenly I knew I had crossed the line. This had to be the world of demons. Heck, how else do you explain the sea of blood? I quickly got out of the water and made sure I was ready to defend myself, carefully treading backward until thing returned to normal. I’ll never forget those ominous red waves! No, nothing was really wrong. Just a graphics loading error. Phew!”


While reader J didn’t specify, I’m going to bet that this moonstruck shot is from ArcheAge:

“I was traveling through the mountains searching for ‘illegal’ farms when I swung my camera around to see what the sky looked like at night. I always remembered it was a good view but forgot exactly how good it actually was. Time to do some trusty Google searching and see if there is any lore significance on those planets in comparison to the planet the characters inhabit! Also, gliding is beyond fun, one of my favorite activities in the game… well, besides destroying people in PvP, taking their packs on the high seas, and watching as they scramble to get back to their boat in a futile attempt while we blow it up with our Cutters for added insult. I’m a good person I swear.”


Can we all agree that Final Fantasy XIV looks like it has really, really yummy food?

“Have a happy winter day, everyone, whatever it means to you!,” Vexia said. “As you can see, I’m taking some time to meditate in my happy place. After that, I’m going to use my big, glowing axe to cut the best cake slices and eat every. Single. One.”


“Happy Holidays, Massively & Co!” ToyFuzion wrote. “In Black Desert, my ‘sea witch’ received her Awakening. In a story that’s been unfolding for the past eight months, she’s been gaining access to one more elemental power, but it rages out of control under specific circumstances, and her immediate goal is to reign it in and try to control it. That’s her goal going into the new year!”


Every so often I like to put out a call for screenshots from MMOs that are no longer with us — or even ones that players tested but never launched. Do you have any of those tucked away? Let’s see them along with your favorite memories from these games!

Every week, One Shots shines a spotlight on the best community screenshots from your MMO adventures. If you have a great pic to share, email it to with the subject “One Shots.” Make sure that the picture is over 880px wide and comes with a description or story!

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