Crowfall team says 2017 is ‘gonna be our year,’ shows off the Templar

Let's get templarious. Assume that's a word.

Crowfall isn’t wasting any time in claiming dominance over 2017. ArtCraft’s J. Todd Coleman said that, “2017 is going to be our year, I feel it!” in the team’s January Kickstarter update.

ArtCraft said that the next stretch goal for fundraising will, if reached, treat personal investors to a free villa and woodland grove resource parcel. The team wrapped up its progress from December and said that it is revving up for more development now that the holidays are past.

Speaking of development, a lot of attention this past week was given to the Templar: “The Templar is a melee-focused holy warrior using an imposing two-handed great sword to execute judgement and protect the righteous. As a tank archetype she is tough to take down, and uses a combination of healing, hitpoint buffs and defense/counter mechanics to form a strong front-line offense.”

Start off the new year in Crowfall with a 2016 wrapup and a pair of videos looking at the Templar after the break!


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