Elder Scrolls Online housing hits the test server tomorrow


In case the winter holidays had somehow caused you to forget that The Elder Scrolls Online is about to blossom with a brand-new housing system, ZeniMax has a reminder for forumgoers — as well as a tease.

“As you know, we began discussing Homestead – our next update that includes player housing – at the end of last year, and mentioned that it would be coming to the PTS sometime in January. We’re excited to kick off 2017 by publishing Homestead on the PTS this Tuesday, January 3rd! We’ll have all the details and upcoming changes included in the patch notes, which we’ll post on Tuesday during the PTS maintenance.”

The so-called Homestead patch is expected to roll out to the live servers early next month.

ZeniMax was recently named Best MMO Studio of 2016 by our staff; ESO, on the other hand, is currently winning our reader poll for MMO of the year and has already won our site’s award for Most Improved in 2016.