The Daily Grind: What’s the most expensive item you’ve ever bought in an MMORPG cash shop?


A few weeks back, I was super excited about the elk mount coming to the Elder Scrolls Online cash shop. I needed a mount in the game, and I had decided to wait for it — what can I say, I’m an elk fan thanks to my talbuk obsession in World of Warcraft. But when the elk actually landed in the store, I realized to my horror that it was going to cost me about $40, thanks to the cash shop bundling, to get the damn thing. Forty bucks for a mount, what. I closed the window and sulked on Twitter, and in the end, I bought nothing.

That kind of money is nothing to some of you folks, I realize, and I suppose it’s not really all that much to me. But I can get so much more bang for my buck in other games, or as one person tweeted to me, buying multiple copies of the game for friends to get them to play with me. I can’t bring myself to give into that kind of a cash-grab, not even for a game I think deserved GOTY.

I also know that $40 is nothing in the grand scheme of MMORPGs, not when people are dropping thousands on pixel spaceships that can’t even be flown yet. BryanCo knows it too since he’s the one who proposed this question. Let’s cut out Kickstarter packages and ship sales for the purposes of this question and let me ask you: What’s the most expensive item you’ve ever bought in an MMORPG cash shop?

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