ArcheAge is going back to its roots with its next update

Get pirated.

Vague details are starting to emerge about ArcheAge’s next major update, according to the game’s Korean site. ArcheAge 3.1 promises to go back to the roots of the game with its focus.

Without giving away all of the specifics, XLGAMES said that the patch will have a four-pronged focus: character growth, better maritime trade, balance, and convenience. Reworking some of the class skills, introducing a new tier of gear, and increasing the level cap all seem to be part of this package. Another addition is a zone (perhaps one of several) called Whale Song.

“The update is [part] of the fourth anniversary of ArcheAge, [which includes] a large number of updates that add new content and balance patch at the same time,” XLGAMES said. “In addition to the new content presented above, we will also improve convenience and add more content.”

A fuller reveal of Update 3.1 will emerge on January 19th.

Source: ArcheAge Korea via Percy
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