Ashes of Creation outlines its reactive player-driven nodes

Node contested.

So what is Ashes of Creation meant to be? Is it supposed to be more of a sandbox, more of a themepark, what? The answer is “a bit of both,” as outlined in the first diary about the game’s mechanics. Rather than giving players a set series of quests to move through or the option to simply create meaning in a barren expanse, the game is offering players the opportunity to shape the world through more direct means: Nodes.

Nodes are hubs that overlook geographic regions in the game, and they’re hubs that react organically with player activities. If a bunch of people engage in PvP in the area, the node will build itself up to support PvP; if players opt for questing and crafting, it will support that. Of course, that doesn’t mean a given node will change and be locked into one mode forever, as players can also participate in sieges to knock the node back down and begin a new building process… or defend the nodes they wish to see continue operating. Check out the full rundown for a more comprehensive overview of the reactive world.

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