Revelation Online’s second beta winds down, English localization continues

0 has brought to an end the second round of Revelation Online’s closed beta.

“The stability of our servers was satisfactory, although we encountered some unforeseen problems,” wrote the team this afternoon. “Above all, we could not surrender the winter gifts as planned despite our efforts. You will get it later and we’ll think about something to make up for the delay. In addition, all participants of the CBT2 receive thanks for your patience and support the winter gifts, regardless of when they have logged in.”

The next phase of beta will see the “final phase” of the team’s labor on English localization. While the game’s release date still isn’t set in stone, does say that “you should experience a significant increase in the levelcaps in the next phase (probably in early 2017).”

Wanna see what the game is like? Massively OP’s MJ took a peek at this round of the beta when it kicked off in late December; we’ve included her adventures below.