WildStar kicks off the Battle Chase on January 6

You might think it's easier when the only version of the game that exists is one with unrealized potential, but it's not.

The Darkspur Cartel is not one of the player factions in WildStar. Strictly speaking, it has no skin in the game and doesn’t care who wins in the war between the Exiles and the Dominion. But the Cartel actually does have a vested interest in the conflict and in making sure that nobody really wins; prolonging the fighting is good for business, and so the longer the battle goes on, the more profit there is to be made. Which sounds kind of grim, but it does segue nicely into the Battle Chase event starting up on January 6th.

Like many of the game’s events, the Battle Chase event is all about earning up currency by taking part in specific activities. Take part in various Battlegrounds and you’ll earn currency which can subsequently be exchanged for decor, outfits, and so forth. There will also be item crates for sale, one for each faction at varying times. The event runs until January 16th, so jump on in, start shooting your enemies, and make sure that the real winners in this war are the profiteers. (But in a patriotic way, we suppose.)


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