Video game voice actor strike continues, union claims it could aid developers


You might not realize this, but the voice actor strike that started last October is still ongoing in 2017. Video game voice actors have been holding out for better working conditions and compensation, in particular for workers to be paid bonuses based on the sales of a title.

SAG-AFTRA Chief Negotiator Ray Rodriguez said that instead of being annoyed at the actors and the strike, developers should be supporting it as the effort might benefit them as well.

Rodriguez laid out his argument in an interview: “The video game corporations have done a good job of making some of the developers feel like video game performers should not get anything because the developers don’t. The real question should be, why don’t the video game corporations want the developers to have better working conditions? To work less hours? To have work-life balance? To have better pay? To have job stability? We hope that developers recognize that and come together to protect their careers. And when they do, we will stand with them and help them in any way we can.”

Source: Vice via Gamasutra

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