Villagers and Heroes ‘Ultimate Package’ update and iOS port coming soon


Villagers and Heroes might never be considered in the same league as some major MMORPGs, but let us tell you that those MMOs will probably never produce something as awesome as Villagers and Heroes’ new year newsletter.

This massive info dump for 2017 is so huge that it’s almost hard to know where to begin. An iOS port? Coming in February. French and Spanish localization? Sure, and why not toss in an auto-translation program for the other languages too! A level cap increase? New high-level content? New low-level content? Overhauled zones? Talent revamps? Improved gear? Upgraded optimization? A new server? A secret surprise project? It’s all coming this year, folks.

The team is clearly thrilled to show off its work: “We’re very excited to announce that within the first few months of 2017, not only will we be implementing fundamental improvements to combat but to go hand in hand with these changes, so that all mechanics work together as an integrated whole, we’ve re-designed other crucial gameplay schematics of V&H as well, and put it all together into what you might call The Ultimate Package — a truly dynamic build, one which we believe will greatly elevate the quality and overall gameplay of Villagers & Heroes.”

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