World of Warcraft previews the Nighthold raid

Can we?

The elves of Suramar hold a font of great power, and under Grand Magistrix Elisande they have thrown their lot in with the Burning Legion. Anyone who has stepped into Suramar in World of Warcraft knows that the zone has gone from being a band of Suramar refugees desperately seeking survival to being the site of an all-out civil war, with the Grand Magistrix and Gul’dan at the heart of the Legion’s machinations for the city. When the Nighthold opens, it’s time for players to take on the Nightborne and Felborne who serve the Legion and smash an orcish warlock in the face.

Aside from Gul’dan and the Grand Magistrix (who has power over time, if you recall), players will face an assortment of beasts and creatures, along with notable foes like the demon Krosus from the Broken Shore and the dreadlord Tichondrius. Normal and Heroic modes for the raid will open on January 17th, with the first Raid Finder Wing opening a week later on January 24th, followed by the subsequent three wings once per week. Get ready to take the fight to the heart of the capital.


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