DC Universe Online pits players against the Anti-Monitor for the anniversary event

January 11th, 2017, marks the six-year anniversary of DC Universe Online. To celebrate, the game is rebooting everything. Or at least it’s introducing the threat of that, since the game’s anniversary event pits players against the Anti-Monitor. The main villain of the infamous Crisis on Infinite Earths will now be stomping his way through the world, and it’s up to players to stop him by beating the absolute stuffing out of him. (And possibly killing Barry Allen; that has a good track record.)

Players can take on the Anti-Monitor at almost any level, with lower-level players being scaled up to take on his threat in daily missions and an 8-player raid. Clearing the content awards Qwardian Crowns, which can be exchanged for Anti-Monitor costume stylings. There’s also a new dropped set, new collections, and a new title, so players will have plenty to do for the anniversary event for as long as it lasts.