Devilian dishes out extra enchanting stones this weekend

From this point it looks so easy.

Our mamas always told us, “Kids, you can never have too many enchanting stones!” This didn’t make sense for most of our lives, and we were the target of several unfortunate witch hunts, but now Trion Worlds has helped us understand this maxim.

From Friday through Monday, Devilian is dishing out bonus enchanting stones from boss kills to help power up player gear. It’s a very fiddly event from the look of things, as each of the four days will focus on one specific type of enchanting stone that will drop during a set time window.

Lowbies will get green stones from the event while level 50-plus characters should expect blue-quality drops. You’ll want to check out the full schedule if you’re planning to take advantage of this event!

Source: Devilian

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